How will we support you?

Our Solution Technology Team will meet with you and build the best and most cost-effective overall IT solution for your business.

The flawless operation of your IT environment is critical to maximizing the productivity and performance of your business. With our innovative remote support technology, we have the ability to access the complete desktop and server environment of our customers, allowing for unmatched levels of overall IT Service. Remote support means our technicians are able to work on any problems that may arise in your environment without having to come to your place of business. They simply access your computer remotely in order to solve any technical issues as fast and efficiently as possible. This innovative technology allows for minimal downtime and the most uncomplicated means to IT problem resolution for your business.


Our IT Support and Infrastructure Services includes the following:

Our Development and Design team can assist your business with the following services and branding tools

  • Custom Development
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Website Hosting
  • DNS Hosting
  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing Campaigns
We have multiple systems in place that allows us to track the health of your computers, laptops and servers.  Our systems allows us to manage your updates across the network on all machines as well as roll out tasks either across the network or to individual machines making it possible for us to ensure your IT environment is secure and stable.

Our system is capable of monitoring the health of your organization's computers whether they are connected to your local network or working from a remote location with a Internet Connection.   Our remote monitoring system alerts our technicians to a potential problem as soon as it begins to develop. The problem can then be effectively addressed before it becomes an IT disaster. With remote monitoring, problems are usually fixed before our clients even become aware of them.

Our IT Support covers a wide range of functions from an Advanced Service Desk where you can log tickets/issue via E-mail, www or the normal phone and get assistance from our highly skilled engineers through our remote support tools to advanced Server and infrastructure support.

We support your business needs with Desktop and Server, Peripherals and advanced troubleshooting when it comes to your Backups, Firewalls, Anti-Virus and Patch management
Our Advisory services are at your disposal for implementation and recommendations on the following:

  • IT Strategies
  • New Solutions
  • IT Security
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Infrastructure Design and Management
We will provide you with relevant reporting for informed decision making from IT Infrastructure Management to monthly management reports on your IT Environment.

Bi-Annual Software,hardware audits with clear upgrade paths for workstation nearing end of life cycle.