IT Support, Servers And Infrastructure

With society in the instant gratification arena, we as the IT Firm have adapted to the change and can now assist you with your IT Related Issues instantly by means of our Instant Remote Access teams. We also have have On-Site Engineers that will come out to your premise as scheduled or on an Ad-hoc basis to solve whatever IT Issue you may have.

Our highly skilled Jedi engineers will manage your Network Infrastructure, Firewalls, Endpoint Security & Server Maintenance  from Installation to Management.  Our services include Management of the 3rd Party Vendors for Internet and other services to set you free to focus on your business.

Website Development and Hosting

We have a dedicated team of creative designers and Jedi level developers ready to create or to transform your digital showroom and digital identity into a working masterpiece.

Cloud Solutions

We offer Hosted Switchboard Services, VOIP Lines and VOIP Trunks.

Cyber Security + Awareness and Phishing Training

Your information is paramount to us, our IT Security Engineers are all CEH and OSCP Certified to ensure that your IT systems are protected. We also offer Security awareness courses to keep your users informed and equipped.

Why Choose The IT Firm?

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Thank you to Johan from the IT Firm. their work is great and they go out their way to make sure you get what you need from website design to hosting. thanks guys

Greg Paton

Paton Woodcraft

I’d like to compliment the IT Firm, for the exceptional service they provide. I have always been pleased with the service I receive from the IT Firm. Their professionalism and ability to get to the bottom of a situation quickly exceeded ALL expectations.

Jackie Harmse

de Chalains IP